Javamelts Pumpkin Spice Homemade Syrup

Javamelts Pumpkin Spice Homemade Syrup

Oct 03, 2023Carolyn Barbarite

Anyone can run to Starbucks and get a flavored latte but not only is it very expensive, but it's loaded with chemicals, calories and tons and tons of sugar!  Take back the control and make things easily and more healthy for you.  Also, the syrups from the stores are in plastic containers adding to the already overfilled landfills so why not do your part and help the environment a bit too!

1 c water

2/3 c light brown sugar

1/2 c Javamelts Caramel Sugar (or any of our other 3 gourmet flavors)

1/4 c pumpkin puree

1 tbs pumpkin spice - can be adjusted to taste

1 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients except the pumpkin spice and puree in a saucepan on medium low heat until well combined

Mix in pumpkin spice - stir some more

Add pumpkin puree and heat for approximately another two minutes - do not let the mixture boil - keep stirring and adjust the heat

Strain mixture with a fine strainer and pour into a glass container to let cool - use some immediately and store in the refrigerator for up to one week


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