Our Story

Carolyn and Tony, high school sweethearts and married now 34 years, have spent their years managing a business and trying to find a balance while they raised their 3 daughters. Amazingly, the idea for portable and convenient flavored sugar came to Carolyn on Valentine’s Day morning while Tony was pouring her a cup of coffee.  As she glanced down at individually wrapped candy filled hearts that Tony had left for her and their daughters on the counter and, as a coffee lover, her eyes grew big and she looked at Tony with all seriousness and said “I have this crazy idea.” A few months later the first Javamelts Flavored Sugars were born and they were delicious and were amazing for not only coffee and tea, but for artisan cocktails, baking and much more! Now, Javamelts are sold nationwide with thousands of customers who rave about and love them. Javamelts is a certified woman owned company, and Carolyn's goals are to inspire, motivate and encourage her 3 daughters and others to follow their dreams. They are a proud military family and sustainability is a priority: create jobs, mentor and educate those coming up behind her, attend charity events, make contributions for those in need, to use only natural and clean ingredients, and use recyclable packaging. Carolyn is grateful for the opportunity to accomplish all of this and more through creating and growing the Javamelts brand!

This crest was created by Carolyn, the initials represent her three daughters and you will find it on all of her packaging. 

Javamelts Charity

Javamelts Gives Back. We are proud to regularly contribute to these organizations. There's no better feeling... Now that's sweet.