Carolyn and Tony, high school sweethearts and married 30 years, have spent their years managing a business and trying to find a balance while raising three children. They always talked about creating a legacy company for their daughters, similar to what Tony’s father did for his family.  Amazingly, the idea for portable and convenient flavored sweeteners came to Carolyn on Valentine’s Day morning while Tony was pouring her a cup of coffee.  As a coffee lover, her eyes grew big and she looked at Tony with all seriousness and said “I have this crazy idea”. 

A few months later the first Javamelts were born and they were delicious!  They even tasted great in tea too!  The following months were spent researching, developing and creating the product that friends and family raved about.  Everyone saw the vision and shared in their passion to pursue CREATING A NEW BRAND.

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Carolyn was 2018 Honoree Long Island Business News Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business

This crest was created and is on all of the packaging for Carolyn’s three daughters.