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Treat yourself and others by creating the most delicious and memorable flavored coffee, tea, baked goods, cocktails & more!

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Discover the alluring world of Javamelts, the versatile flavored sugar sensation that's not just for your coffee. Carefully curated from pure cane sugar and the finest natural flavors, Javamelts brings a delightful burst of authentic taste to beverages, baking creations and cocktail concoctions. Whether you're enhancing the subtle notes of your morning brew, crafting a decadent dessert or mixing a tantalizing drink, Javamelts ensures every experience is infused with rich flavor and unparalleled quality. Simply and easily, celebrate the magic of versatility and let Javamelts elevate your taste adventures well beyond the cup.

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Flavor & Sweeten

Elevate your morning brew by adding Javamelts to your coffee for a luxurious twist.

Baked Goods

Enhance your baked goods by using Javamelts, taking desserts to the next level.


Create flavored simple syrups, flavored sugar rims & mix-ins for your artisan cocktails.

And More

Discover endless possibilities by incorporating Javamelts into your favorite recipes.

People Love Javamelts

Matt M.Excellent Product

I am using this product in my coffee and it tastes great. It could also be used in a variety of different recipes, which makes it very versatile. I have three other flavors yet to try and am looking forward to it.

Barbara T.Simply delicious

Love to sweeten my coffee with this flavored sugar. I also used it for baking, it was great!

Robert QI Gotta Have it.

Just one cup of coffee with Javamelts Mocha and I’m HOOKED. One cup! Looking forward to enjoying your three other flavors. Sprinkled a little Mocha on my Shredded Wheat cereal and doubled my pleasure. Javamelts: “I GOTTA HAVE IT.”

Elizabeth GYummy, as always

I have been a fan of Javamelts for years, I love them. My only criticism is that I miss the individual solid cubes, which were so convenient. I am hopeful they might be brought back, in addition to the bags. In any case, Javamelts make my coffee a real treat.

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