Javamelts French Vanilla Tequila Monster Smash

Javamelts French Vanilla Tequila Monster Smash

Oct 14, 2023Carolyn Barbarite
On the weekends we love to entertain and this new cocktail has everyone talking!  
Let’s make a Javamelts Blackberry Tequila Monster Smash!  
How to make: 
  • 6 fresh blackberries (additional 1-3 for garnish)
  • 5 small mint leaves (additional 3 for garnish)
  • 4 oz @insprio tequila
  • 2 Javamelts French Vanilla Sugar packets (1 tsp) 
  • .5 oz Javamelts French Vanilla simple syrup 
  • You can use a shot glass of water with 1 sugar packet of Javamelts for something quick or to make simple syrup: 
  • (1/2 c water on medium-low heat on stovetop mixed with 1/3 c Javamelts French Vanilla Flavored Sugar) stir until it becomes clear let cool and store in the refrigerator in a glass jar or pourable container with a lid)
  • .5 oz fresh lemon or lime juice 
  • French Vanilla Sugar coated blackberry and mint leaves for garnish
  • 2-3 oz club soda

Start with a metal cocktail shaker that has a strainer at top. Place 6 fresh blackberries and 5 small fresh mint leaves at the bottom and add 1-2 Javamelts French Vanilla Sugar packets.  Muddle them until the berries are completely juiced and macerated. 

Add 4 oz @inspiro tequila, .5 oz Javamelts French Vanilla simple syrup, .5 oz fresh lemon or lime juice, and about ½ cup ice. Pop the lid on the shaker and give it an aggresive shake for about 20-30 seconds. 

Strain into a glass that is filled with crushed ice. Top the drink off with 2 or 3 oz soda water. Give it a stir and garnish with extra  fresh blackberries and mint leaves.   For an added texture and flair, heat marshmallows in microwave for approximately 15-20 seconds and string them along the edges of the glass and place googly eyes.  Also, sugar coat the garnishes with Javamelts French Vanilla Sugar and let the aroma and taste create a berry-nice atmosphere!  



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