How much sugar is in each Javamelts?

There are 5g/6g of sugar in each of the Javamelts.  They are only 20 calories each.

How long does it take for each of the Javamelts to melt?

Javamelts take approximately 10 to 20 seconds to completely dissolve.  There are different factors but it mostly depends upon how hot your coffee is and if you stir it or let it sit.  For best results, drop each of the Javamelts into a hot cup of coffee or tea and stir it immediately so that the flavor and sweetness is delivered quickly for the best taste.

How long will it take for my Javamelts to get to me after I place my order?

Once you place your order, please allow 2 business days for it to be fulfilled. Once it ships, even though it’s sent priority mail, it does take approximately 3-5 business days to get to you depending upon where it is going in the U.S.

Do you ship Internationally?  Yes, we ship worldwide.  All shipping costs and fees (including taxes and duties) are incurred by the customer. 

Why is this product different from the syrups, powders and creamers on the market?

Javamelts are individually wrapped, sanitary, only 20 calories each, non-dairy, vegan, certified gluten free, non-GMO and shelf-stable for 2 years.  No mess, no fuss, sanitary, portion control and the taste is absolutely amazing.

How sweet or how much flavor should I expect in each one of the Javamelts?

The wonderful thing about Javamelts is that you decide, based upon how many you put in, how much sweetness and flavor you want in each cup of coffee or tea.  We recommend trying one and tasting it.  You can always break one in half or drop another one in.  Everyone’s taste is completely different, and we took that into consideration when formulating and developing each flavor.  As the coffee or tea sits the flavor becomes more evenly dispersed and is even more delicious.

How do they taste in tea?

Javamelts taste great in tea!   Because they are a sugar-based product, they add a wonderful balance of flavor and sweetness. 

Do Javamelts take away the coffee's taste like some other products do?

No, Javamelts were formulated to deliver a delicate balance of flavor and sweetness without overpowering your coffee. They enhance your coffee’s taste and truly make your coffee smoother and delicious!

How long do they stay fresh?

Javamelts will stay fresh for 2 years. We have a stay-fresh date or best-used-by date on our packaging.

Can I still put a dairy creamer in the coffee or tea?

Absolutely, yes! The non-dairy Javamelts were formulated that way for those who might be lactose intolerant and who might not want the dairy in their diet. A lot of our customers say that they don’t need the dairy because the Javamelts taste delicious without it but then some really love the dairy creamer and Javamelts together!