Are Javamelts better than syrups, powders or creamers?
Yes, those products dispense 1 tbs (3 tsp) per serving and Javamelts are made with only Natural Ingredients and 1 = 1tsp.  (1/3 the serving size) Sugar packets are only 1/2 tsp. No mess, no fuss, portable and convenient. Portion control and delicious gourmet flavor!
How much sugar is in each Javamelts?

There are 5g of sugar in each of the Javamelts.  They are only 20 calories each.  Our sugar packets are 2.5g and only 10 calories and are Kosher as well.

How long does it take for each of the Javamelts to melt?

Javamelts take approximately 10 to 20 seconds to completely dissolve.  The hotter the beverage, the better.  BUT:  The Sugar Packets dissolve in cold or hot beverages quickly.

Can I make recipes with Javamelts?  YES, they are delicious in oatmeal, on top of yogurt, your desserts, substitute Javamelts Flavored Sugar for any sugar in a recipe and POOF!  You have delicious flavor and sweetness just like that! 

How long will it take for my Javamelts to get to me after I place my order?

Please allow 5-7 business days for it to be fulfilled and another 2-5 days to reach you.

How sweet or how much flavor should I expect in each one of the Javamelts?

They are formulate to provide a delicate balance of flavor and sweet without overpowering your beverage and there is no aftertaste.  Just pure gourmet flavor to enjoy!  

How do they taste in tea?

Javamelts taste great in tea!   Because they are a sugar-based product, they add a wonderful balance of flavor and sweetness. 

How long do they stay fresh?

Javamelts will stay fresh for over 1 year. We have a stay-fresh date or best-used-by date on our packaging.

Can I still put a dairy or non-dairy creamer in the coffee or tea?

Absolutely, yes! The non-dairy Javamelts were formulated that way for those who might be lactose intolerant and who might not want the dairy in their diet.

Do you ship Internationally?  Yes, we ship worldwide.  All shipping costs and fees (including taxes and duties) are incurred by the customer.