Javamelts Mocha Whipped Cream Coffee

Javamelts Mocha Whipped Cream Coffee

Apr 26, 2022Carolyn Barbarite

Coffee and chocolate lovers go crazy over this simple but delicious whipped cream coffee.

To make:

Pour 1 C heavy cream into a bowl, add 1/4 or 1/3 C Mocha Javamelts, mix with a stand alone mixer on high for one minute until stiff peaks form. **adjust the Javamelts to taste - some like it a little sweeter and flavorful than others.  If using a hand mixer, mix for approximately 3-5 min.

Pour your coffee and top with the Mocha Whipped cream, sprinkle a little Mocha Javamelts on top, stir and enjoy!

For an extra treat, you can add 1 shot of Kahlua - That's my FAVORITE way to enjoy this!

You can even mix our Mocha and Hazelnut for a "Nutella" inspired treat!

Please let us know how you like it and tag us in a photo when you make it!


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