Javamelts Flavored Nuts

Javamelts Flavored Nuts

Mar 10, 2024Carolyn Barbarite

If you are a person who is always looking for fun and delicious recipes, this is a winner!   Are you nuts for nuts too? 



1/4 C butter

1/2 C plus 3 tbsp of Javamelts Flavored Sugar of Choice

2 tsp of ground cardamom

1 C salted cashews

1 C salted peanuts

1 C salted pecan halves



In a large, heavy skillet melt butter. Add 1/2 C Javamelts Flavored Sugar; cook and stir on high heat until flavored sugar is dissolved.  Meanwhile place cardamom and remaining Javamelts Flavored Sugar in a large bowl; set aside.

Reduce heat to medium; add cashews, peanuts and pecans to butter mixture.  Cook and stir until nuts are toasted, about 3 minutes.  Add hot nuts to reserved cardamom mixture; toss to coat.  Spread on foil to cool.  Enjoy!


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