It's JAVAMELTS 3rd Anniversary!

It's JAVAMELTS 3rd Anniversary!

Feb 12, 2020Carolyn Barbarite
As many of you know, JAVAMELTS was born on Valentine's Day, 2016.  I was sitting down just about to enjoy a cup of coffee with my Husband and I had that "ah ha" moment.   Since that day JAVAMELTS has been a part of our every day lives similar to when you have a new baby.   JAVAMELTS is our "4th child" for sure.   The journey has not been easy but we have been able to weather the storms and slowly build the brand and company.  It does not go without recognizing and appreciating all of the amazing people that have helped us get to where we are today and we are forever grateful.   Please note that we have created a special anniversary discount promo code:   GET25JAVA for the remainder of February for our retail portion of the website.  JAVAMELTS can also be found on Amazon and QVC.   Thank you all and blessings always!

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